#AuthorInterview with #Book @Rod_Marchand #Book Man…F@#K!: The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship

“Struggles of a family business” – “There was a new power struggle developing about who was in charge. Did my dad run the company, or did I? The problem in hindsight is that we never established a hierarchy in terms of responsibility. I was acting as the role of general manager, but my parents still owned the company. If I gave orders for the day’s business, but my father decided to do something different obviously the employees would do what he said. This created turmoil and a divide between us once again, prompting Angie and I to consider leaving the business and going elsewhere…Man F@#k! I loved my parents but couldn’t see a future that would allow us to work together anymore. The only logicial conclusion I could come up with was either he had to go, or I did. This was one of the most difficult times in my career, because how do you ask the founder of our company to leave, while still in his prime, and not hurt your relationship with your father? Here was my childhood hero, and now I was asking him to leave the very thing he had started…Man F@#k!”