Man…F@#K! What our Readers think…

Sara N McIntosh
Perfect for Someone Like Me!
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I don't know how many of you like me exist out there, but I am always looking for books like this one. Given the goal of the "American Dream" or at least the ability to determine my own schedule and build my own lifelong freedom, this author has a great deal of advice to offer for entrepreneurs like me. It's amazing to learn how to use my time toward the progression of meeting my dreams, while I have to continue along those steps without expecting it to fall in my lap all at once. Trust me, you'll love the realization of the work that this takes if you want to understand what it is going to take to achieve your goals. And this book is a great read to help understand all of that!
JoJo Maxson
He keeps it entertaining, yet real.
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Rod F Marchand keeps it real and entertaining in his book; Man...F@#K!: The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship. I like how he uses personal illustrations to get his point across and emphasize life will throw you challenges in your home life as well as business. By being transparent, we see mistakes that could have been avoided, but that is what this book is about; mistakes made and how to avoid and fix them. This book is different than I had originally thought. I love how Rod F Marchand tells he learned business traits growing up. You feel as if you are sitting down listening to the author tell you about his life. He keeps it light and fun, but you see how each change shaped his life and businesses. The author may come across as humorous, but you see even as a young man he took his work serious and he has an inner compass to thrive and excel. Overall, loved reading about his life and passion for being his own boss.
Katy Corbeil
Honest, Charming and Real!
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Such a positive, fun and inspirational journey. Rod has such a fun personality and it leaps off the pages as he shares his hard-earned experience with us. It was truly amazing reading about the highs and the lows that Rod and his family has endured while building their business. It is impossible to finish this book and not feel inspired! I know the family personally, Chelsey is one of my best friends, and it was pretty awesome reading about her dad witnessing how amazing she was while working at another retail store before convincing her to come work for him. I’m proud to say Chelsey was working with me, as my assistant manager. She is incredibly talented and has a gift with working with the public. I am so excited for the Marchand family as they tackle their mattress venture and I have no doubt that Rod, Quincy and Spencer will lead them into greatness!!
Angie R
Very honest and real
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This book was a quick and fun read, with great stories. The author seems like a guy you'd want to get to know and be friends with! Even if you don't run your own business, it has a lot of good tips and motivation to get you through life.
mint tea
Prepare to laugh and learn something too!
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This book has many comical moments as the author describes his life and how he has done in business up until now. Even the title lets you know that while the subject matter is real and valuable, there is more than just bland information to be found on the pages. Moreover, there are some lessons to be learned from reading this one, even though it is not laid out like some business books are. This one is more about the life of the writer, instead of being strictly about business. Learn from his successes and failures. After all, even bad examples can help you from time to time. If you are a budding entrepreneur or aspire to be one, this is worth looking into. It isn’t a dry, humorless book, which may be the case for many other titles on this subject. It also won’t take too long for you to read.
Excellent and highly recommended. Great job!
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Without a doubt, this is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. The author explains us his story from his personal experiences, where he was born and grew up in a humble and working-class family that had his own business. Through his experience, he gives us very useful advices and applicable to your daily life, he explains us details about how we should do to make our business work, how we should act in adverse situations, etc. Doubtlessly, it is excellent, as it shows us, through the mistakes made and an incredible will, how we can achieve what we set out to do. The most important thing is the attitude, enthusiasm, optimism and the will to work to move forward and achieve the objectives, and all this is perfectly explained by Marchand in this excellent book. I recommend it one hundred percent!
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Very inspiring and a great read. The experiences the author shares are meaningful and they truely speak to the soul. Definitely worth checking out!
Real stories for real entrepreneurs!
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Good read with a steady flow. Easy to keep turning the pages and fly through the book! As a serial entrepreneur myself, many of these stories were all-too familiar. 🙂 It’s nice to know I’m not alone with the ups and downs. Would recommend to anyone thinking of taking a leap in their career or starting (or growing) a business!
Nicole J.
Excellent Read!!!
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I found it very enlightening to read a story about a businessman who has always kept his eye on the future. Recognizing successes and failures along with personal flaws for what they are... a opportunity to grow. This story does not end with the final page of the book. I am very excited to see where this journey goes. Anyone who reads this book can relate to the challenges within, either in business or personal life. Everyone will take away something positive to try to apply to their individual daily lives.
Grady Harp
‘We must leave the world a better place than we found it…Be Remarkable Today!’
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North Dakota author Rod F. Marchand is president and CEO of Marchand Retail Group, Inc, a second generation family-owned business operation that serves as the foundation for this inspiring novel about starting a business and taking control through the ups and downs that accompany the journey. This book is his sparkling debut as a writer. The title of the book may startle some, and Rod addresses that in his introduction: ‘Let me start by saying that I am no an advocate for foul language, although I am also not a Boy Scout! My choice of book title was to convey those moments in lie, whether it be in business or day to day, where we find ourselves face with this familiar statement – [the title]!’ With that degree of candor Rod explains his reason for creating this guide: ’The purpose of this book is to help all entrepreneurs, business owners, or simply individuals who are thinking about taking on a new job or business venture. I am here to acknowledge all the challenges and risks that you will likely encounter, but also to encourage you with all the possible rewards for taking a chance on yourself.’ The foundation for the messages this excellent book delivers are conveyed through Rod’s history of his family business, from his father’s decision to start a family business in 1980 through all the steps and ups and downs to the current thriving, potentially global company and brand. His description of the initial tasks he was assigned as an 8 year old – designing logos, stationery, and creating a name for the venture – points our the other feature of his message: the importance of family. For anyone considering starting a business this book is the go-to resource for insightful, practical, and philosophically sound advice. ‘The only thing you can troll in life is yourself.’ It is a pleasure to read, almost like a novel, and the impact is powerful. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, September 20
Chelsey McQuitty
Read this!
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Although the author addresses his title choice in the beginning of the book, I feel like it needs no explanation and no apology. This title definitely conveys the feeling of what it is to be an entrepreneur trying to make it in a very competitive world. From the title on, this book is filled with so many amazing things that won’t just help you as an entrepreneur but will also allow you to see what it is like/was like to start out in such an endeavor. This book will definitely leave you glued to the pages as you read firsthand experience that you can easily learn from. Whether you’re a boomer trying to take on a new adventure in retirement or a millennial (or younger), you will take at least one thing home from reading this book. I’d highly recommend it.
Inspiring Business Book
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Man...F@#K!: The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship by Rod F. Marchand draws on the author's personal experience growing up in a working-class family who owned their own business. This is an inspirational book as it focuses not only on how to make it work when you have your own business but how to proceed when things don't go exactly as planned. The author shows through trial and error, plenty of mistakes and a willingness to work hard, just about anything is possible. This is a powerful message and one that resonates in today's world. Whether you are in business or not, the upbeat tone to the book along with the author's outright enthusiasm makes this a must-read book that will lift your spirits. There are plenty of tips and suggestions along the way that reinforce everything Marchand says as well. Highly recommend.
Tim Terry
An inspiring narrative packed with messages of key concepts for dynamic entrepreneurial success.
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A bit like its title, this book is somewhat controversial, but nevertheless, a highly absorbing narrative of the story about the beginning and the shaky path to global success, of a business venture begun by the author when he was first a young man out of school. Packed with details of the high points and the low points of his eventful journey, the writing reflects the hidden dynamism and optimistic drive that was his ultimate powerhouse behind the resounding success of this lifelong enterprise. Stories of success, followed by disasters, or even simply unpleasant events of life, that had the habit of putting spanners in the well-designed wheels and cogs of his enterprise, the author concludes every insightful episode in this fast-paced narrative with the controversial message of the title of the book! Despite the slightly superfluous tone of the writing, and the many recriminations gleaned from hindsight, there are hidden gems of experience and inspirational insights that are invaluable lessons for any potential entrepreneur. Reading this book is the equivalent experience of sitting with the author while he chats about his journey on a long path filled with countless false images of easy success but fraught with horrible traps and detours that required inner conviction and, often, the help of partners and supportive family to overcome and eventually proceed on a course leading towards ultimate success. In an inspiring conclusion, the author reveals details of the hidden secrets of his remarkable success, contained in some straightforward and clearly articulated messages of advice. There is also a link included, for readers who desire to share their own experiences or receive some assistance or advice. This is not a textbook packed with theoretical concepts and ideas, but rather, an inspiring chronicle of business lessons, and perhaps more importantly, solid lessons from life, as well as key goalposts for self-development as a dynamic business leader, an effective manager, and, ultimately, as a successful entrepreneur.
Be remarkable what ever you do
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This book is great details of the up and downs of business a lot of tips how to be successful business owner
Jacob A Koons
Great Book!!!
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This book is a must read for all of the hard working people out there! I just got the book and I am halfway through it already! Rod Marchand talks about the highs and lows of life that I can personally relate to 100%! The points in life where you don’t know what else to do besides say.. “Man.. F@#K!”. Yet as I’ve gathered from the book so far is this; no matter the situation big or small; you keep going no matter the obstacle! This book will be one I will reread MANY times and will never get tired of!
Make your dreams the reality you want to pursue.
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Great read from front to back. If you are looking for something for some encouragement in the business world. Manny helpful tips and ideas on how to become a successful entrepreneur. Leaving the world a better place with every encounter.
Excellent writing!
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I really really enjoyed reading this book. The ups and downs of entrepreneurship mixed in with the perfect amount of humor made this book such a great read from beginning to end! Highly recommend this Book!

“The key to success is discipline…this sets the boundaries for life, allowing us to move freely and at full speed, even in all our imperfections, making us Fully Alive”